Thursday, December 23, 2004

In the Depth of the Ocean

I'm gonna post something I wrote last winter.

Little air balloons in the intense blue, bubbling water. Graceful out of the water jump like a synchronized ballet a group of frisky dolphins propelled by their agile gray tails. Jumping in and out of the water, getting deeper, catching fish and seaweeds.
The ballet makes a stop on the surface of the water and whistle accompanied by a distant echoing chorus, a chorus composed of their cousins, the singing whales.
Hidden in the sand, in the depth of the ocean, occupies its time a watching octopus by hunting, spreading its tentacles around its prey after a sudden attack.
Little jelly balloons in the intense blue water, like bubbles in the water. A mass of transparent jellyfish floating in calm up to the surface, but there's no need to feel fear, for they cannot sting. So swim and dive among the blown bubbles-like jellyfish.
At the bottom of the sea a crab scratches the sand with its pinces, searching for nourishing seaweeds and small animals, and takes its food fast into ist fauces.
An untrespassable coating of alga, dancing, moved from side to side by the currents of the sea.
From the surface of the sea, the silhouettes of black cormorants bumping in the water to catch fish.
In the colorful coral reef, a red starfish struggles to open up the shells of a scallop and then swallow it down.
Coming fast, moving its ten tentacles, the curtain comes down as a squid spills its black liquid ink.

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