Wednesday, June 01, 2005

International Observers Required!

We need you, guys!
Bearing in mind the electoral fraud that has been taking place in Galiza since immemorial times (eg. the manipulation of handicapped and old persons forcing them to vote their party, happened in rural areas of Galiza where there is no control; the use of votes of Galician emigrants who are officillay dead, and so on), we need International Observers for the elections to the Parliament of Galiza of June 19th., in order to feel free of any kind of manipulation that may have been commited during the Election Day across the region.
And this is just the iceberg top.
Some weeks ago, our President travelled to South America, for a votes gathering, promising such kind of things as: "If I am elected, there will be jobs in Galiza for the grandchildren of emigrants".
That's pretty interesting. The funny thing is that they consider themselves as democrats, and they try to prevent people from voting to other parties by infusing them fear to evil (those who do not think in the same way they do). Furthermore, showing a rich instruction in good manners, they do not hesitate to insult the people who constitue the opposition parties; i.e. the PSOE members are told to be useless and without own ideas, as well as calling the BNG group radicals.
One should always think and take care before opening one's big mouth.
So, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaase help us!

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