Monday, June 19, 2006

It's a hot midsummer night. The skies wear a minimalist evening dress in dark blue silk, embroidered with little sparkling stars, and a mighty silver moon, tracing its magic form, casting its spell upon all living beings. My blood boils in my veins, awaiting the moment to join him, my dear lover; who, as the moon has a strange and powerful effect on me, so does he. The salty sea smell dances in my nose, trying to enchant me, while the ocean breeze caresses my skin like a lullaby as I'm getting closer to the port. There my eyes see him, standing on the esplanade backwards to me, staring at the harbour. He notices the sound made by my flip-flops when I'm coming and looks back in my direction. He smiles when he realizes it's me who's going to him. I give him two kisses, one on each cheek. I like the sensation I feel as our manly faces come into contact. I need to hug him in my arms, to feel his warmth and the body I worship.
We smile at a each other, a smile of confidence. We start walking along the esplanade, and I take his left hand in my right hand. He looks at me and smiles again. We wander slowly along the port up to the yachts dock. The atmosphere is totally tranquil. The colour of the night, the lights of the city and the neibouring towns, together with the sound of the slow splashing sea waves makes it almost as if it were some sort of enchanting music performed to make humans fall into a profound peaceful sleeping. We walk until the end of the dock and sit on its cement walls. We look at each other, speak in a low voice, almost unhearable, we gaze the sea and the landscape, and we look at each other. Calm and complete tranquility, that's what I feel when I'm by his side. I stand up and place myself before him. I come closer to him, caress his face and kiss his cranberry lips, bittersweet flavoured, sinfully juicy. Nearly an addictive taste, sticking me to him, like a bee seduced by the sweetest smell of all wild flowers.
There's nobody there at that time, so that we can fell at ease if we touch certain parts of the human anatomy when caressing. His face has been made up by the moonlight, like a selenite. My nose perceives the fragrance of his deo, as cool as the pulse of a summer polar wind, what summed to the playful blowing breeze gets me even more excited. We twist our tongues in sinfully delight. Snore. He takes me closer and touches my ass, driving me completely crazy, meanwhile I lick and bite his lascivious lips. Snore. I kiss his eyelids, his forehead, and we melt in a warm cuddle. Fingers pleasantly sliding along the arms skin, causing pleasure goosebumps... Skin on skin, we lay naked on white sheets with the deep blue sky above us. Among the dominions of his bodily temple I get intertwined and let myself fall, little by little, into a light sleep, until I am awakened by the delightful reddish and orange dyes of dawn drawing slowly on his spine.

PS. Thanks to Brendan for his help with the ending sentence.

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