Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Pope Karaoke

Very entertaining to sing out with the whole family!
(Click on the title!)


maRia said...

Yeah, thanks, just what I needed to make me sink even further into an existensialist depression. I'll give it to my enemies for their birthdays, great stuff.

Any chance of you coming up to coru on the 30th for a qdd?
I'm doing my best to get anyone from la terriña to do so.
Name's maRia by the way.

La crêpe hérétique said...

Me mola papi chulo
papi papi
papi papi papi ven a mí!
Me pasaría cantando todo el día...

arroaz (Tursiops truncatus) said...

Good choice as a birthday-gift!
Mmm... And tell me, lady, from where have ye popped up? Spying hidden in the dark?
Er... I really appreciate your invitation, but I don't really see it very possible... :( I'm sorry...
I'm a lil busy-busy... And I'm kinda "autistic". Socializing within the high society doesn't go much with me...
Crêpe, you're mad!

arroaz (Tursiops truncatus) said...

Sorry if I was too tough... :(((