Saturday, April 02, 2005

Nice life-giving warmth. Penetrating salty smell. All along blinding light. Weightless white wheat flour? No, just light white sand on a small hidden strand. The delicate kiss on our skin of a soft-touching sea breeze. The sleep-sending sound of the sea waves arriving onto the beach. Just two towels on the beach. The frisky sunrays on our tanned naked bodies play.
We embrace us in the water. We get closer and closer. We kiss. He covers my body with his lips, chin, cheeks, forehead, arms, chest and legs. I also cover his whole body in the erotically running water.
Almost lifeless we lay on our towels. Lifeless because the warmth and sun turn us so sleepy... We lay embraced, without moving, whispering warm words through our mouths.
Now the sun rays fall lighter on our skin. We decide to go and take a bath in the Atlantic blue waters. But before getting in the water, he pushes me softly down onto the sand. We roll along the shore wetting in water our warm bodies. We kiss and laugh. As well as me, he loves playing. I adore feeling his skin contact with mine. We get in the water hand in hand.

And suddenly, I get apart. He seems not to understand why. I disappear with a jump, diving to where the water is deeper. But whale-like on the water surface I emerge and show my tongue to him. He decides to attack by surprise. He wants to bite me, to bite me with his teeth, which have a powerful poison that makes me addicted to him. Oh, yes. It's an addictive venom. I want some poison, I need a little venom, I do want my poison dose. I cannot help it. I'm already addicted, addicted to his sinful lips and tongue wandering across my chest. With great pleasure I tremble who he, with his tongue and lips, licks and sucks my nipples. He really knows how make me succumb to his conquest skills. I put my legs around his body and let land my feet on his buttocks. Snore. With my lips and tongue I leave his mouth on a voyage across his chin, across his jaw, up to his right ear (now it's him who quivers), to descend then down to his chest, passing across his neck .
Lying on our towels we get dry with the last sun rays of day.
It's time to go. We pick up our things on the beach and go to the car. The beautiful twilight tinges with its tones of colour blue, red and orange the huge sky, letting some colour drop into the ocean, on the horizon, there where the sun is hiding.


the morning pancake said...

According to the weather forecast, guess I that this was just a made up story...
or a pretty remembrance from a past summer afternoon.
Anyways, sounds it cute!
(very oral too)
In comparison can I see how my english is hilariously bad.
Have fun on every strand of life!

arroaz (Tursiops truncatus) said...

;) You're right! To tell the truth, I wrote it last year.Er... I think it was in the summertime... (if I'm not wrong).
But it's fiction.
Your English sounds funny and a little archaic. I don't know if you did it intentionally, but you did inversion Subject-Verb when you wrote your comment. Was it intended? Or was it some Icelandic influence? ;)
It is a Germanic characteristic.
Anyway, that was normal in Old English and even Middle English. Nowadays it can still be found in sentences started by certain negative adverbs.
eg. Never had I heard such a thing.

the archaizing pancake said...

Well, I've got to confess that only the last inversion came naturally from my misspeaking heart. Then, I just realized and repeated it with the other verbs. It sincerely doesn't sound so strange to me.
Furthermore it's quite often that I make that mistake when I speak (I guess my danish teacher made a good job with my syntax).

It's kind of difficult for me to word my thoughts in english since it is a language I'm not exactly fond of, mostly because I'm forced to use it dayly (and never did I asked for living my life in american). But I accept it as a culture language, I would really like to study it better later... but in the future, now english in my life is kind of an unnexpected guest (a very glutton one).